The poets workbench
     Works with all versions of OSX 10.5.* and beyond  
     Complements your regular DTP  
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                                          what it's all about

   Do you just want to get on and draft your poems and not have the bother of formatting ?
   Have you: ever lost track of which version of your poem is the most recent,
   wondered which poems you performed at your last reading to this group,
   tinkered with the text,of a poem, decided you don't like your changes, but lost the original,
   misplaced those critique notes for the poem?
   Do you: want to keep track of your entries to competitions and submissions to magazines,
   and or need to associate your voice recording or a picture with a poem?
   Would you like to be able to: classify your work e.g. so you can find all your love poems,
   want some way of identifying your sonnets, sestinas, free verse, villanelles etc.
   and need to keeps tabs on which poems have been published ?
   Have you ever lost a poem because you changed its title or filename,
   or wish to tag poems for your next collection,
   or would like a daily reminder of forthcoming (UK & USA) poetry competitions,
   or wanted a central reference of poetry groups and their members, magazines and competitions,
   or needed to keep a record of critiques?
   do you like to have access to your recordings of poems
   and want to easily print off a batch of poems ?


The SecretaryBird is an easy to use, powerful document management tool designed for the needs of poets; providing all the tools to manage poems and their:
addenda e.g. video, audio, graphics  
critiques   readings  
entries to competitions ; 
poetic forms    
together with . . .
poets  poetry groups  

The SecretaryBird workbench can handle most kinds of document types.        
The application is benign; it does not alter files, directories, locations and there is no need to change the way you create or revise your poems.
It is designed to complement your existing text writing software.

The workbench is independent of all major operating systems    and makes use of modern software technology. It runs on a Raspberry PI 3 !

And what’s more . . .    it’s free.