The poets workbench
     Easy to use switchboard controls to functions   
     Built on the foundations of LibreOffice and Java  
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                                          the unsung heroes & heroines

Today, applications like SecretaryBird cannot be created without building upon the efforts of others, who often go unaknowledged. The world is now very dependent on the craft and skills of these unsung heros and heroines: the software engineers and testers. This page is a small attempt to redress the balance and to say a heartfelt, "Thank you".

It's taken, at a rough estimate, over 1000 hours spread over 3 years to engineer this application, template, documentation and website. Unseen there's over 1400 lines of macro code. Originally built for PC /Windows using MS-Access, its potential user base was deemed too limiting, so it has been completely re-engineered using LibreOffice Base & Java so that it is now platform and operating system independent.

foundations, walls, bricks, nuts and bolts to used build this SecretaryBird.

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Ask LibreOffice

and not forgetting the people I've had to call upon for assistance or made use of their efforts:

Chris Long

the developer of SSE Setup who has put up with and answered my naive questions

who develops (and promptly supports) beautiful website themes for Rapidweaver

at yourhead who develop and support Stacks

Jean-Pierre Ledure

who developed, enhances and maintains the excellent Access2Base software for LibreOffice

Mo Needham

who was a very patient Alpha tester of the application

Elinor Brooks & Eric Hall

who were diligent Beta testers