The poets workbench
     Prior to launch day 24 testers had downloaded the software!  
   Not long to wait for your download    
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                                          the downloads

the current download is the latest version 1.1.1 dated 01-Jun-16

If you have previously downloaded and installed the test version 0.7.0 you should now de-install it in preparation for downloading & installing this latest version. There is no incremental update for version 0.7.0. Warning: the application is currently incompatible with OSX10.11.* and will not install.

Previously installed version



and move to version



instructions for a new or re-installation

  1. choose the download file appropriate for you system
  2. click on the Zip file icon
  3. on your system, once the file has downloaded, click on the file
  4. there is a READ.ME file, open it and follow the instructions
  5. If you have problems with the installation refer to these helpful instructions