The poets workbench
     Works with your existing files and directories  
     Able to include recordings of your poems   
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                                          a template for every poem

The SecretaryBird's LibreOffice’s ODF (Open Document Foundation) template provides all the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively create poems - by using a consistent format, handling versions, poetic form identity, classification, automatic journaling, header and footer management the template and application have been designed to work together.
example template
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This is a version of a poem which is using the template. You can see that in the footer there is: the page number, copyright, version number and the time & date the document was saved.

This journal information is automatically included in the template to ensure that when reading and re-drafting you are unmistakably aware of the version.

The SecretaryBird logo doubles as a multi-function push button control. After making the various edits and changes for the next version of the poem clicking on the logo will automatically: increment the version number, change the file name to include the new version, save the version as Mappa Mundi_v03 * and finally register the new version in the database as the latest version.

What you are also able to do, by changing the custom properties of the document, is to specify the poetic form, classification and sub-classification all of which will be automatically registered in the database.

And of course you are able to customise the template, changing the fonts and layout.
* The template always tries to save versions using the poem’s title as and version number for the filename. Changing a poem's title is a common event during drafting. The template allows for this (but will issue a warning) and application will maintain the document chain and version numbering to ensure continuity.