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    The purpose of this page is to expose the known problems with SecretaryBird and where possible their work-arounds, temporary solutions and likely fixes. By reporting them, you can help in keep problems to a minimum.
    24-Dec-15 - all - Major
    There are outstanding bug reports concerning LibreOffice’s Base (database) and Apple’s OSX 10.11.* consequently SecretaryBird’s database is currently incompatible with OSX 10.11.* (El Capitan). Note: this only affects OSX10.11.* IMPORTANT:
    SecretaryBird will install and run on all other versions of OSX.
    19-Jan-16 - v1.0.0 - Minor
    SecretaryBird was build using default date handling expecting an English/International format i.e. DD/MM/YY or YYYY/MM/DD consequently on a system that expects US dates MM/DD/YY it fails on initialisation with the non-fatal error message.
    25-Jan-16 - v1.0.1 - Major
    The version update mechanism was found to have several serious bugs and did not work correctly; consequently ALL versions prior to and including this version are not able to be updated.

    If you wish to be able to receive and install updates you are advised to de-install your current version and install the current download.
    8-Feb-16 - v1.0.2 - Minor
    On Exit the application often did not shutdown cleanly and required a database recovery.

    The MAC SecretaryBirdInstall failed if the OSX version was less than or equal to 10.9 or if run from the unzipped installation folder.
    28-Feb-16 - v1.0.3 - Minor
    The standard message box function that interacts directly with the user has limited functionality
    to 31–May16 - v1.1.0 - Minor/irritant/important
    The competition update failed because of changes made to the source website. The HELP file pictures were unreadable on UNIX systems because they were all coded as .TIFF files. A specific browser (which may not have been present) was initiated for the current OS. Some of the dialog message boxes failed. The UNIX installation only checked for the presence of LibreOffice & not the (database)Base component which meant that it failed on Ubuntu systems

    Awaiting bug fix from LIbreOffice
    Fixed with version 1.0.1, US dates now recognised.
    Fixed with a re-release of version 1.0.1
    The application now shuts down cleanly closing all open record sets and forms before compacting the database.

    The MAC install now correctly tests for the OSX version and installs from the unzipped folder in the downloads directory.
    Created a customised dialog(ue) message box with enhanced functionality for improved user interaction.
    01-Jun-16 - v1.1.1
    all fixed