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                                          the Updates

incremental version update instructions

  1. Download the appropriate version Update file
  2. Note: the update file is system independent i.e. the same update can be used on Windows, MAC & Unix/Ubuntu systems
  3. click on the Zip file icon to activate the download
  4. on your system, once the file has downloaded, click on the file to unzip
  5. Start the SecretaryBird application
  6. From the main menu click on Maintenance ➡️Internals➡️Update version and follow the instructions
  7. Once the update has completed SecretaryBird will shut down
  8. Re-initiating SecretaryBird will startup with the new version.


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This update cannot be applied to version 0.7.0 - you are advised to restart by deleting this test version and installing the latest current version.

Warning: the application is currently incompatible with OSX10.11.* and will not install.

This incremental update to v1.1.0 can only be applied to prior versions v1.0.{0,1,2,3}

The update has several bug fixes, handles the US date format, and has the new functionality for:
dialog message box, poem summary tabs & (un)used poems
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This update can ONLY be applied to version 1.1.0

it contains several bug fixes, including the competition update, the HELP pictures are now all.png so they can be seen on UNIX systems + additional installation help.